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    Aroma Bistrò

    The Manfredi Fine Hotel Collection’s Palazzo Manfredi in Rome is now home to AROMA Bistro where guests can enjoy a more informal take on the experience offered at the property’s Michelin-starred AROMA Restaurant, at the hands of the same chef.  

    Diners at AROMA Bistro can expect a faster, more laid-back meal, as dishes are less complex and therefore take less time to prepare, making AROMA Bistro an easy stop to work into an itinerary even on busy days.

    ROMA Bistro also took a cue from its namesake restaurant’s famous view of the Colosseum by offering a spectacular view of its own. Diners at the bistro enjoy their meals on a renovated terrace overlooking Roman landmarks Domus Aurea and the Oppian Hill.  The respective vistas reflect the difference in tone between the restaurant and bistro.  While both backdrops are quintessentially Roman, the bustling Colosseum looms large, whereas Domus Aurea and the Oppian Hill provide a calmer, quieter backdrop with a rural feel, resplendent with trees and open sky.

    Great tradition in cooking

    Chef Giuseppe di Iorio, the key link between the restaurant and bistro, has been head chef at AROMA Restaurant since its opening in 2010. Chef Di Iorio now helms the kitchen at AROMA Bistro as well, where he uses his mastery of Italian cuisine to execute a wider menu of relaxed, flavorful classics like shaken carbonara rigatoni and Taggiasche olives with Provola. Dessert options include indulgences like Sottobosco and “Tiramisu AROMA” both featuring Guanaja 70% chocolate. 

    Lounge Bar

    Our splendid American Bar opens onto the Palazzo Manfredi’s superb terrace. This romantic setting, with its chaises longues and small lounges...

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